We are a community arts platform for the cultural rights and values of flourishing communities..

The 2018 AGM of the Company took place on March 12, 2019 in Carmichael House, Dublin. Please find below all published company documents:


Sea Change Conference Report [June 2019] New

Annual Report 2018 

Annual Accounts 2018

Blue Print 2015-2019 - Final year!


Annual Report 2017 

Annual Accounts 2017

Blue Print 2015-2019


Annual Report 2016

Annual Accounts 2016

Blue Print 2015-2019



Annual Report 2015

Annual Accounts 2015

Charter for Cultural Rights

Blue Print 2015-2019


Blue Print 2015-2019

Annual Report 2014 

Charter for Cultural Rights

Communique q.2-3

Communique q.1



Communique q. 4 

Communique q.3

Communique q.2

Communique q.1

Action Plan 2014

Annual Report 2013


Communique q.4

Communique q.3

Communique q.2

Communique q.1

Action Plan 2013

Annual Report 2012


Action Plan 2012

Annual Report 2011

Annual Report 2010

Audited Accounts:

Our auditors are McCloskey & Company Chartered Accountants, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin, County Dublin.

Audited Accounts 2014

Audited Accounts 2013

Audited Accounts 2012

Audited Accounts 2011

Audited Accounts 2010

Audited Accounts 2009

In this section you can find out more about our funding.


-Tusla Child and Family Agency €65,288

-European Commission €18,000


-Tusla Child and Family Agency €65,288

-Irish Youth Foundation for Happy Parent Booklet €1,000

-Sponsorship for Catering at We Are Family €900

-Dublin City Council €400

TOTAL  €67,588 (tbc)


-Family Support Agency €65,288
-The Arts Council €500
-Dublin City Council €400

-Culture Ireland €4000

TOTAL €70,190

-Family Support Agency €72,540 (2012) and €65,290 (2013)
-The Community Foundation for Ireland €1,300
-The Arts Council €1,000
-Liverpool Study Visit Subscriptions €460
-Dublin City Council €400
-Glenisk Donations €250

TOTAL €71,965.00

Between 2012-13, match-funding for the City (Re)Searches Project is listed as follows:

-European Union €36,000

-Give EUR Hope €3,500

-Dutch Embassy €385

-Community Arts Partnership €5000

-Culture Ireland €4000

-Kaunas Municipality €1,448

-Culture Ministry of the Republic of Lithuania €7,240

TOTAL €57,573

We have a voluntary board of 6 members and employ 2 part time staff and occasional facilitators and researchers. We work with 106 Family Resource Centres around the country. We are committed to transparency in our company documents and funding, and we make every effort to update this page regularly.


Producing Partners are







International collaborators include:


Council of Europe, Faro Convention Network


International Community Arts Festival


Afrikaanderwijk Coöperatief



Zemuju šanciu bendruomene, Kaunas.